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A Visionary Team with Operational Excellence

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Michael Bennett

CEO / Fund Manager

Michael, a real estate professional with 13 years of experience, started B.E. Lending in 2015 after working for Brown Equity. He has personally arranged over $250M in transactions and is involved in community initiatives.


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Karen Causseaux

Karen, a real estate professional with 12 years of experience, joined B.E. Lending in 2013. She has personally originated and structured over $200M in loans and is currently the Front Office Chief Operating Officer.

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Ryan Beglin

Ryan, a finance graduate, founded a manufacturing company in Shanghai, partnering with major retailers, and joined B.E Lending in 2018 as COO and CFO.

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Executive Assistant

Christine McCormick

Christine serves as the Executive Assistant to the CEO, managing special projects and B.E. office management, utilizing her organizational skills and Arizona native background.


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Business and Sales Dev Dir.

Ranette Oliver

Ranette, a licensed Realtor with 15+ years of experience, joined B.E. Lending in 2018 and brings valuable business development, finance, and leadership skills to the B.E. Sales Team.

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Marketing Director

John Abbitt

John Abbitt, a Phoenix native with 5 years of marketing and real estate experience, joined the B.E. Team in early 2023. He is involved in church, marketing, and real estate. He enjoys golfing and weekend trips with his wife.

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Senior Underwriter

Scott Becker

Scott Becker, a seasoned sales professional joined the B. E. Team in mid-2022, bringing over 8 years of sales and business development experience to the team and is a great value add to the sales team and underwriting department.

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Loan Originator 

Isaiah Kinzer

Isaiah, a business management graduate, joined the B.E. Lending team in 2015, bringing 11 years of sales and business development experience. He enjoys real estate deals and analyzing deals to find creative solutions to help bring the client's deal through the finish line.


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Senior Loan Processor

Alison Gile

Alison, an Arizona native with a decade of experience in conventional home financing, brings strong leadership and industry experience to B.E. Lending. She enjoys spending time in Forest Lakes, Arizona.

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Senior Loan Closer

Rene Henney

Rene, an Arizona native with 21 years of experience in Conventional Finance, brings extensive finance and management experience to the B.E. Lending team with a Passion for faith and family.

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Shelley Branam

Shelley, a 35-year-old Arizona native, joined B.E. Lending in 2023 as the financial Controller, specializing in public accounting, church, restaurant, mortgage, and real estate.

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